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Character Sheet:

Name: Ravulos "Rav" Darkclaw

Race: Human/Crau

Occupation: Alchemist

Age: 26


[X] Royals
[_] Resistance
[_] Hell
[_] Resident

Appearance: In human form he is a man of average build. His hair is long, jet black, and messy. He likes to wear a long dark grey robe with a hood, although he rarely wears the hood. He has many pouches and bottle about his person filled with many unknown items. Underneath his robes he wears tight black clothing and leather armor. Upon the armor is silver tracery in the shape of feathers. He has his left ear gauged while the other has a long black feather earring in the lobe and 13 gold, silver and bone rings (assorted) along his cartilage. His gauged earring is actually a demons eye; it mostly remains dormant but occasionally opens and looks out in anger. It whispers secrets to Rav when its piercing green eye opens. On his left should he has a tattoo of a knot work raven that wraps around his shoulder as if frozen in flight. Each like of the tattoo is actually made up of words so tightly written that they can't be read. He derives most of his power from the tattoo and its spells. His eyes are a vibrant yellow, but they are hard to see beneath his hair. He has a long scar along his jaw on the right side. It runs from his ear to just before his chin and it wide and deep, almost reaching the bone. His fingers are covered in scars from mumbly peg and he has three rings on his right hand and two on his left. The ring on his left index finger is a small skull with a ruby wedged in its mouth, the one on his left pinkie is a simple silver ring with an amethyst. He wears two rings on his left middle finger; the one closest to his hand is made of wood and seems ancient, the second is a long golden claw ring that hides the fact that he is missing the last segment of that finger (which he lost in a bet). On his right hand he wears a leather cracking leather ring on his middle finger that the name "Jostlin" can barely be made out and on his ring finger he wears his signet ring of a single feather with an "R" next to it. Around his neck rests a powerful magical amulet and a fading purple scar from an attempt at suicide.

Height: 5'9"

Weight: 132 lbs


*Alternate form appearance: He has two alternate forms when he invokes certain spells in his tattoo. One turns him into a simple crow, the only thing that is defines him from other crows is that he retains his mind. His second form is of a Crau. He grows to 7' 2" and 257lbs. His arms and legs become scaly and dark (like a crow's feet). His body is consumed by thick jet black feathers and he becomes more muscular and his back arches. His neck elongates and at the end of it rests a crow head. His head has slight human features, such as a larger cranium and stronger jaw muscles. He doesn't have wings, but the feathers that dangle from his arms almost resemble wings and he has a tail that resembles a crow's tail. His claws are razor sharp and so is his beak but he prefers to fight with his spear. In his alternate form he becomes slightly slower, but much more powerful. His hands are not as nimble but they are much stronger, and he is able to fight for much longer than in his human form.

History: Once an heir to a prestigious noble house, he lost everything. His family had once been one of the richest and most powerful houses in the realm and he was next in line to inherit the estate and all of the family's assets. When he was 17 he met the love of his life, but he could never be with her as she was but a simple bar maid. He pleaded with his father to allow him to marry her but he refused and forbade Ravulos from seeing her. Being the rebellious youth, he didn't listen. As he and his love laid in bed he was awoken by his father and his men storming into the inn and ripping them from bed. His father took her by the hair and opened her throat in front of him before dragging him back to the mansion. He stayed in his room for a week, neither eating nor sleeping, when one day his father announced that he would be marrying a girl from another prominent house. He flew into a rage and completely destroyed his room but he allowed them to take him to the wedding. what the guests had realized was that Rav had poisoned every member of his noble house. The wedding was thrown into pandemonium as an entire family choked and died. It was after that he tried to kill himself. He dragged the rope behind him as walked through the village and tied the noose himself. He walked into the inn and tried to hang himself above the stain that had once been the love of his life. But when he kicked the chair away he hung there for only a moment before he blacked out. When he woke up the rope had snapped. He cried until there were no more tears and then he rose. For years afterwards he practiced alchemy, black magic, and anything else he could bring back the love of his life... But all failed. He resigned himself to alcohol and gambling. The only things left to him are a crumbling tower that he lives in and his apothecary shop in the heart of the Royal Empire. He is not often there choosing to let his apprentice run the shop and can usually be found gambling or attempting to drown his sorrows in a cup.

*Extra: He is slightly deranged and is afflicted with random bouts of laughter from his uses of black magic and encounters with lesser demons. He is slightly paranoid, but is usually very open to talk about anything. Except his past. When prodded too deeply about his past he is prone to fly into insane rages. He usually keeps himself subdued with a powerful alcoholic brew of his own concocting which he calls Death's Lips because it is actually very poisonous. He only survives drinking it because he had grown immune to it. He has a morbid sense of humor. Touches the leather ring on his right hand when he upset or nervous, usually doesn't even realize it. He occasionally sees other women as his dead lover and will talk to them as if they are her, but becomes embarrassed and angry when he becomes lucid again.

Abilities: He is very skilled at making potions and poisons and his also able to use very powerful black magic, but usually only to imbue his poisons with otherworldly potency. Aside from imbuing his tattoo with spells and summoning the occasional lesser demon he was never able to do much else with black magic. Most of his other magical abilities are suppressed s fail safe in his tattoo and by his drinking. However, if the fail safe were lifted and he were to sober up he would hold enough power to level a small town.

Weaknesses: He is insane and will never know his full potential. However, before his mind spiraled in madness he implemented a fail safe spell into his own tattoo that limits his powers. It can be lifted, but not by him and it would require a very powerful mage to do so. He also has a very heavy drinking problem that further suppresses his dangerous magic. He also has a very bad gambling addiction. He is weak to white magic and other common things that kill mortal man (Except poison).

While in his Crau form he is greatly weakened by White Magic and is unable to cast magic.

Magic: Transformative Magic and  Black Magic


Weapons: Poison and knives (human form) beak and claws (Crau form)

Strength 3/10
Speed 5/10
Intelligence 7/10
Medicine-Healing 1/10
Endurance 3/10
Agility 8/10
*Alternate form statistics
Strength 8/10
Speed 5/10
Intelligence 7/10
Medicine-Healing 1/10
Endurance 8/10
Agility 4/10
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